Even though so many people think floral print fabrics are perfect only during the spring season, it’s not a fact. You can just wear it if you want flowers and together, no matter what time it is of the year. People wear them with plain shirts or denim and patterned skirts or pants. It simply doesn’t matter how you prefer to wear them. They will look fab. Such is the magnificence of floral prints.

But the fact is, despite the grounded love for floral prints and patterns, not everyone knows the varieties of floral patterns that come under the term floral prints. And subsequence the lack of knowledge works to limit the choices or people end up choosing the wrong ones.

This blog is, therefore, here to let everyone know about the ranges of floral prints. So, let’s begin.

Maroon And Cream Floral Design Tussar Silk Fabric
Maroon And Cream Floral Design Tussar Silk Fabric

Here are varieties of floral fabric patterns.

  1. Acanthus

    It is a large scale floral print, which can remind you of a flower of the same name. The flower has leaves organized in an attractive round pattern.

  2. Anthemion

    This floral pattern is inspired or printed based on a plant named honeysuckle. It is also popular as a palmette because of its resemblance print to fan-shaped palm leaves.

  3. Art Nouveau

    It is a part of an art style that is rhythmically curvy and was inspired by natural forms.

  4. Abstract

    This unique print is the result of the Abstract art of flowers. The print is very much likely an art, utilizes varieties of colours, lines and forms creating a design that resembles nature.

  5. Botanical

    The print comes from an art form representing the colour, form, small details of plant species. Similarly, the fabric pattern features realistic illustrations of numerous flora.

  6. Calico

    This floral print is mostly available in cotton fabrics. It is a small scale print originating in India. Because of the small size of the flowers, they are spread all over the fabric, making it indistinguishable from a distance.

  7. Damask

    It is eventually a fabric woven made by creating multiple techniques. And this pattern features intricate motifs arranged in the grid. While this large scale print is appropriate for upholstery, nit limited to the same.

  8. Ditsy

    This floral pattern is small scale and exceptionally tiny flowers that get jammed with one another all over the fabric, making it indistinguishable.

  9. Fleur-de-Lis

    It is a stylised lily flower featured in golden colour, and this is repeated in a particular manner.

  10. Liberty

    This floral print is exclusively suitable with cotton fabric. The floral prints are small scale and spread all over the body.

  11. Mandala

    It is a geometric design and spiritual symbol used in Hinduism and Buddhism. But they are called Suzani when the patterns are repetitive on fabrics.

Was this blog helpful? Hopefully, you get some information that you didn’t know. However, these are only eleven of the many floral prints. At Kart Forest, you can find even more. While here is not all, you can start shopping for floral fabrics with these in mind.