Every Indian woman’s wardrobe is looking incomplete without some simple, all-purpose and beautiful Salwar Kameezes. Now that it gets reasonable and a practical concern of women, you may have let lots of them. But let us ask you – do you have a Chanderi suit?  

Chanderi suits are not only traditional, but also have gained popularity as today’s fashion statement (especially during festivals, occasions). Listed below are some reasons every Indian woman must invest in a chanderi suit!

White Geometric Circles Golden Foil Jacquard Chanderi Fabric
1. Authenticity and Heritage:

This silk has got its name from a small town in Madhya Pradesh, India – Chanderi. According to local folklore and history, the material was invented by shishupala, Lord Krishna's cousin. Its weaving holds cultural prominence, which was started way back to the 2nd century on the boundary of Malwa and Bundelkhand.

The significance of Chanderi itself makes this fabric absolutely worth owning a suit made from it. If you are more likely to add your own style to your salwar kameez, buy Chanderi fabric online and sew your suit yourself or by a tailor.   

2. It’s literally Royal and made for Any Pocket:

Chanderi fabrics are made using finely picked pure silk, cotton and gold thread all across the nation. However, the silk itself is royal naturally! And more interestingly, it is popular as ROYAL INDIAN SILK and is truly classic with its classy look.

Chanderi also comes in embroidery work. And the best part of all, this fabric is a rich material and super affordable. Even if you are at the end of the month, you can sate your shopping cravings by purchasing this worth-it addition to the wardrobe.

3. Chanderi for the Chills:

When winter comes, it often feels impossible to wear suits without a cumbersome shawl. Well, that’s no big deal! Chanderi salwar kameez is your solution. A thick, full-sleeved, and great looking chanderi suit will provide you with the comfort and amazing look you need. Chanderi suits are just perfect for this season.

4. Chanderi is Charming:

Chanderi fabric is available in varieties types from pure silk, cotton to silk cotton to suit every individual’s need. The patterns are different, detectable. And more importantly, the embroidery is found in traditional coins, floral art, peacocks and also in geometric designs woven into the fabric. The lightweight and smooth texture of Chanderi accompanied by sophisticated patterns make it one of the fav options for women. The perfection is identified when worn with traditional jewellery since it complements the small embellishments and golden zari work.  

5. For all Occasions:

Chanderi is a majestic material that makes an ideal outfit for pujas, festivals, events, office meetings, hanging out with ladies or even simple casual outfits. It can be an understated outfit yet glamorous, and for hassle-free events, you need this in your wardrobe. It can be the best outfit you have.

Green Flowers Foil Jacquard Print on Chanderi Fabric
So, buy suitable Chanderi fabric and make your suit and satisfy your wardrobe. Read more blogs on Chanderi fabric for more info and to buy this fabric.