Choosing the fabric that will be ideal for your venture is very important. There are always few things that you need to take into consideration while choosing your fabric.

What is your pattern? First, know your patterns carefully. Then choose the fabric that will perfectly suit your patterns. Different fabrics will have varied properties like drape, width, stretch. The right fabric can bring about a dramatic change in your project. Also, depending on your project, go to the store. Some stores sell only home fabrics and some fashion fabrics and some sell both.

Here are 5 things you need to remember while choosing your fabric.

Cotton Fabrics

1. Check the Properties

As mentioned earlier, properties include drape, width, stretch. Some designers say that drape of the material is the key player in choosing your fabric. It is suggested to unwrap the fabric and watch the way it hangs. You will notice silk hangs differently than linen.

Now, let's get to the width. Generally, fabrics are available in 2-3 widths. Depending on your project, choose the width and buy the fabric, accordingly.

Now, what about the stretch? Well, experts recommend that pulling the fabric to check its stretch is very vital. Few prefer using fabrics having a trivial stretch. Experts say that materials with less stretch retain greater innate wear and fall.

2. Check the Fabric Color

It has been often noticed that the store lightings change the fabric hue. So it is better to check and rather double-check the shade. Hold the fabric closer to a window and check the color in the natural light. The actual color can be best discerned under natural light.

Also, don't forget to hold it against your skin. Skin colored fabric seldom pops as garments.

Check the Fabric Color

3. Know Your Skills

You need advanced sewing skills for using fabrics such as satin and chiffon in your project. So beginners are suggested to start their venture with cotton. Cotton is easily available, cheap, and durable.

As a beginner, you are expected to make some mistakes. So it is always a good idea to use cotton in the beginning. Even if you make any mistake, you won't be damaged much financially.

4. Choose a Project

If you don't get enough inspiration, you can scroll through Pinterest. There you will get thousands of ideas. You can also get ideas from tutorial videos or stores you like. Some also use their garments for ideas or the basis of their projects.

5. Know How to Maintain the Fabric

It is suggested not to use high maintenance materials in your first go. Check the instructions for caring for the fabric. Cleaning instructions should be strictly followed to avoid any damage.

Know How to Maintain the Fabric

Bonus Tip: Try to visualize how your final project is going to look using your preferred fabric. This helps a lot in choosing the right fabric.


Now that you know how to choose the fabric which will perfectly suit your project, what are you waiting for? Go fabric shopping and implement these tips to get the ideal one, effortlessly.