It’s a style that lets everyone notice you and says who you are without even having you speak. And this is absolutely true for Chanderi fabric.

Chanderi is one of the century-old weaving techniques best known for its glossy transparency and sheer texture. It produces three different kinds of fabrics - Chanderi Cotton, Chanderi silk cotton and pure silk.

The distinctiveness of Chanderi fabric remains in the beautiful motifs elaborated on the fabric. The motifs were inspired traditionally with coins, fruits, floral, peacocks, heavenly bodies. However, today, you can also discover motifs in abstract geometric forms. And the grace of the motifs lies in the thread colours that can be anything among gold, silver and Copper.

History and Origin of Chanderi fabric

Originated from a small town of Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh, this fabric is named in the name of this town.

As per history, the woven tales of Chanderi can be found in the back 7th Century B.C. Then the fabric was woven for the turbans of Maratha rulers using hand-spun cotton. At that time, Chanderi used to be the favourite fabric among those Maharanis and ancient kings. Plus, Chanderi sarees carry a symbol of royalty.

Another trace makes people believe that Chanderi fabric was first founded in the Vedic era by the Cousin of Lord Krishna.

Approximately at the beginning of the 19th century, weavers were (kind of) enforced to switch to mill made Cotton from hand-spun Cotton. And it was because of hand-spun Cotton’s less availability. In 1910, Scindia – a royal family - transported Chanderi sarees under their own patronage. It was when gold motifs were embellished on the cotton muslin saree for the first time.

The addition of gold motifs made Chanderi sarees standard and popular among royal queens. And it further managed to introduce Japanese silk, high margins. It is how Chanderi silk was discovered.

Later in the year 1970, a new type of Chanderi fabric was blown out in the market as the blend of Silk and Cotton, which is most readily Chanderi you see today.

There are actually three things that fascinate people most about Chanderi Fabric, and these are as below.

Royal Zari Border:

The motifs, of course, add elegance to Chanderi sarees. However, what makes Chanderi sarees look even more enticing is the gold zari border. And it is due to the evergreen beauty of its Zari borders that works to make these sarees on top of the fav list among royalties.

Glossy texture:

The transparency and lustrous shine of this fabric don’t let people stop drooling over it. Be it Chanderi Silk or Chanderi cotton - this fabric stands out among varieties of fabrics available because of the sparkling texture.

A Cultural touch:

The Chanderi fabric weave has been practised generation after generation that brings us closer to the traditional heritage.

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