Silk is one of the most premium quality fabrics known for its luxurious and rich texture. It’s one of the oldest fabrics in the world and the existence of silk was found in the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. Also known as ‘Resham’ and ‘Pattu’, silk is a natural fiber that is woven smoothly to make different fabrics. The fabric is so finest, soft, and ultra-delicate that an expert also needs a magnifying glass to identify it.

Ancient stories say a Chinese empress discovered silk at first after finding the silkworm. In the later years, it has become popular as a magnificent fabric that acts as the symbol of luxury and royalty. Different silk fabrics are available nowadays with specific textures and specifications. Each type has different threads and is used for different purposes. However, before heading to a shop for buying silk fabric, you must know the differences between raw silk and silk.

Blue And Cream Paisley Design Tussar Silk Fabric
What is raw silk?

Do you have profound knowledge of the various types of silk? No worries as we are going to describe the features of raw silk. The silk which contains sericin is known as raw silk. Raw silk and silk noil are the terms often used to refer to silk. Raw silk actually refers to silk yarns which are totally unprocessed. It is not gone through the procedures like de-gumming, breaking, steaming, lustering, pressing, and dyeing. Raw silk is basically the ingredient used for making silk which you buy from the clothing store.

On the other hand, silk noil is exclusively woven from the fibers (also known as noils) which the leftover materials are laid aside after spinning the silk. Therefore, it’s not unprocessed like raw silk as it is already gone through various processing methods such as both chemical and physical processing. Silk Noil is the remnant only that is collected and woven to form a fabric with a special texture.

Is there any difference between raw silk and tussar silk?

The primary difference lies in the texture of raw silk and tussar silk. The difference comes from the kind of moth from which these two types of silk are made. Tussar silk is often referred to as wild silk and to form this silk, the worms feed on Arjun tree leaves. The exquisite, finest, and most premium thread comes from the moth which is wide-winged and a little yellowish-brown. The lustrous, bright, and soft Tussar silk is highly demandable in India and also across the globe. This natural fabric not only offers comfort due to its soft touch feel but also is popular for its highest wear resistance formula.

Cream And Brown Tree Design Tussar Silk Fabric

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