Monsoon, the season of love and romance, offers a perfect setting for surreal love stories. The season infuses romance in the air and so is considered to be the wedding season. The pitter-patter of raindrops and vibrant greenery all around lure the couples to go for monsoon wedding. The pleasant weather all around and drizzling rain surely are the perfect backdrop for nuptials but the bride and groom must pay extra attention to their clothing.

Wedding attire & monsoon season

When choosing a wedding dress, people always look for something bright and gorgeous to make others keep an eye on them. For monsoon weddings also, the couples have to go for brighter color tones to create a perfect look with the setting. Apart from the latest trends, there are many more things to consider for monsoon wedding. Opting for the right bridal lehenga is one of the significant tasks to be done perfectly. Though some drizzles come with relief, you must buy the wedding outfit that complements the season. Need a few handy tips to choose the right fabrics for a rainy season wedding? We’ve pieced up a handful of information together for you. Let’s take a quick look before heading to an apparel store.

Fabrics for monsoon season wedding

The right choice of fabric not only offers comfort but also adds elegance by adding a statement to one’s look. The fabrics that can be chosen for monsoon wedding are :

Georgette : It comes with a gorgeous look and attractive texture. The lightweight fabric never makes you uncomfortable so that you can look elegant as well as feel easy to move without hassles. Since the air is filled up with high humidity, choosing heavier fabrics like silk, velvet may kill the vibe. Also, say no to the dress materials with heavy embellishments to deck up yourself with a breathable outfit.

Rayon : Felt like silk, Rayon is a lightweight dress material perfect for monsoon wedding. Similar to linen and cotton, Rayon has a breathable and smooth texture to make you feel lighter and comfortable during the special event of your life. As this fabric does not absorb moisture, you’ll never feel sweaty and hot.

Crepe : Crepe creates a perfect outdoor look for rainy season wedding. Colorful crepe dress when gets combined with a vibrant look simply creates an extraordinary touch and chic style that make you stand out of all. Let’s give it a try with a perfect bridal makeover to be the showstopper on your wedding day.

Chambray : Great choice for monsoon weddings, chambray is a lightweight and skin-friendly fabric. Look for exclusively designed attires made of chambray to add a definition to your big-day look.

Polyester : Chic, stylish, comfy, and breathable, Polyester is apt for the rainy season. Add luster to your look with elegant wedding attire made of premium polyester.

Exclusive and premium collection of fabrics

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