2021 will see a rise in the popularity of Ikat designs. Renowned lifestyle magazines have featured Ikat designs. The beauty and eccentricity of Ikat are captivating. Even Balenciaga has featured Ikat in their recent fashion house releases!

Let's know more about Ikat and why it is soaring up the trending bar in 2021.

What is so unique about Ikat?

The patterns we see on Ikat fabrics are not patterns formed by weaving. It is a dyeing pattern.

Black Red and Yellow Cotton Ikat Fabric

Black Red and Yellow Cotton Ikat Fabric

We have all heard of tie-dye techniques. Ikat is a bit different from that. In tie-dye, the dye is applied to the cloth after weaving. But in Ikat, the dye is applied to yarns just before weaving. The color blocks and the final woven product is beautiful, comfortable to wear, and sustainable. In this era of fast fashion, these factors make Ikat so unique.

Why are people loving Ikat?

1. Sustainable

We live in an era of fast fashion. People buy things from online fashion stores even if they do not need that piece of clothing item. This habit is affecting indigenous small businesses.

Ikat is an age-old art of weaving clothes. Making one piece of clothing needs more than one artist. Imagine the amount of hard work that goes into it!

Ikat is getting so much love because people are getting more conscious- about themselves and Mother Earth. It is a sustainable fashion trend. Hence, investing in Ikat is more useful than buying five pieces of black turtlenecks from online stores.

2. Unique patterns

There are different varieties of Ikat that are available in stores. Each variety of Ikat has a unique style. There is Warf Ikat, Double Ikat, and Weft Ikat.

The Ikat style also varies according to region. In India, there is Pochampally, Khandua, and Patola. All of them are equally beautiful. There is also Cambodian Ikat. It is considered to be one of the finest textiles in the world.

Maroon Multicolor Cotton Ikat Fabric

Maroon Multicolor Cotton Ikat Fabric

So, Ikat is not just one kind of pattern. You can choose from these many different styles.

3. Comfortable to Wear

Ikat clothing is designed using Cotton and Silk fibers. Hence, it is extreme;y comfortable to wear and easy to carry.

4. Trending Fashion

Renowned fashion designers like Balenciaga, Oscar De La Carte, Ritu Kumar, Mriga Kapadiya used Ikat fabrics that fit right into their neo-pop ethos. Ikat has captured fashion houses by storm. It is not going to go out of style shortly for sure.

5. Styling

Ikat fabrics are not limited to sarees and kurtas. There is so much more to Ikat clothing items. Jackets, dresses, waistcoats, scarfs, even kimonos are styled using Ikat fabrics.

Yellow Multicolor Cotton Ikat Fabric

Yellow Multicolor Cotton Ikat Fabric


Ikat is a versatile fabric. You can style it with any form of clothes- ethnic or modern. Buying these fabrics will not only add to your closet. It also supports hundreds of artists and indigenous businesses. Ikat fabrics are rich with heritage. So, fashionistas! Explore Ikat fabrics or clothing items today. Style it with accessories, and you can easily make a statement.