Characteristics of fabrics determine the quality, texture, and look of a garment. Some fabrics come with a gorgeous texture, smooth finish, and exclusive pattern that differentiate one fabric from the other. Georgette is a special fabric known for its texture and its lightweight feature. Gowns and party wear are often made of georgette so that the name of this fabric is closely associated with exclusive party dress collections. Introduced in the early twentieth century, georgette is woven from synthetic textiles and silk. Fabrics like polyester, rayon, viscose are generally used to produce georgette fabric. Then it is detailed with solid colors, and unique prints and ultimately it appears as a translucent fabric with a bouncy look.

Originally, pure silk was used to make georgette but later synthetic fabrics are being used in the process of producing this beautiful fabric. Durable and stronger in nature, this fabric offers a crinkled look with a crushed or twisted feel. Therefore, it is often used by dressmakers to make bridalwear. Not only it offers a gorgeous look but also complements the physique of a person wearing it.

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Various types of Georgette Fabric
There are different kinds of georgette fabrics available in the textile industry. They are – Jacquard Georgette Fabric, Nylon Georgette Fabric, Viscose Georgette Fabric, Silk Georgette Fabric, Polyester Georgette Fabric, and Satin Georgette Fabric.

Different types of georgette fabrics come with exclusive features, style statements, and look. The fashion experts and dressmakers know which fabric to choose to make a dress. Designer blouses, dresses, gowns, bridalwear, skirts, and saris are crafted with georgette due to its chiffon-like flowing look. Apart from these due to the highly absorbent characteristics of Georgette fabric, it is used to make strings, belts, bows, veils, scarves, waist belts, and other fashion accessories. Now, move on to the next passage to know about the characteristics features of georgette.

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Why is Georgette favorite to the dressmakers?

  1. Georgette is lightweight, breathable, and a bright fabric that is considered to be the perfect material for making the finest bridal attire, evening gowns, and partywear.
  2. Georgette is distinguished for its puckered texture which is its signature quality. Due to the tightly twisted yarns during the process of weaving, georgette takes this exclusive shape and texture.
  3. Georgette is also known for being transparent, translucent, and as a sheer fabric. Therefore, it complements the physical appearance and body shape of an individual wearing this.
  4. Georgette is well-loved for its nice draping feature. It can be easily layered on solid fabrics and offers a wonderful and eye-appealing effect.
  5. Due to the glossy finish, georgette is not only used for making dresses but also for crafting window treatments, pillow covers, and table decorations.

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