Not all dresses are made equally and from the same fabric. When you open your wardrobe, you will find your fav dresses are of different fabrics, and therefore, they require precise take care. And, of course, the techniques vary depending on the fabrics. Lumping everything together can end up breaking your heart.

Talking about different types of fabrics and care instructions, it’s important to understand the material first.

  • What are they made from?
  • How do they react to different surfaces and elements?
  • What are their qualitative and characteristical specifications?

Have the answers to understand better how to take care of different fabrics. Knowing the fabrics can help you get the reasons why varied care matters. Anyway, go through the upcoming paragraphs and know how to take care of different fabrics.


  • Dip in cold water. (While hot or warm water can also be used, but these can cause the colour to fade and weaken the yarn.)
  • Use mild detergent.
  • Consider air dry in shadow. Avoid direct sundry as much as possible.
  • Don’t use bleach to coloured cotton clothes.
  • Iron at low heat.


  • Try using cool water (Check label for machine-washed using warm water)
  • Use regular detergent.
  • Tumble dry it on low heat.
  • Remove from dryer when it is still slightly damp (it will prevent wrinkles).
  • Do iron if required, but on low heat.


  • Do not wash linen fabric over a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.
  • To avoid dye spreading from one to other separate clothes according to colours.
  • Try to remove stains immediately by non-bleach stain remover.
  • Hang linen clothes to air dry.


Light green cross check pattern woolen fabric
Light green cross check pattern woolen fabric
  • Avoid frequent washing.
  • Soak wool clothes in cold water before washing in detergent or soapy water.
  • Wash when it is necessary using a delicate setting - cold or lukewarm water.
  • It is best to hand wash, if possible.
  • Use specially-made detergent for the best cleaning result.


  • Read the label for the best care direction.
  • Use a steamer to remove mild creases.
  • Dry clean velvet when required. (Best is professional dry clean)
  • Never iron velvet.
  • Store velvet clothing carefully, but avoid folding.


Yellow peacock fins print design poly chiffon fabric
Yellow peacock fins print design poly chiffon fabric
  • hand wash using mild detergent or soap with cold or warm water.
  • Avoid machine wash.
  • Air dry instead of the dryer.
  • Iron only with a damp cloth over chiffon (direct heat can change the texture).


Light brown plain viscose khadi silk fabric
Light brown plain viscose khadi silk fabric
  • ‘Follow the label’ is the first rule as different types of rayon are available.
  • Some rayon is fine with the machine, which some requires only dry cleaning.
  • hand wash with cold water and mild detergent if there is no restriction.
  • Rayon is not suitable for hanging while drying.
  • Never twist a rayon cloth.

We hope this list of fabric care information will be useful for all readers. So, taking care of clothes depending on the fabric would not be an issue anymore.