Do you know that Jacquard Fabrics is created using a special type of loom, known as Jacquard loom? This loom embossed a rich pattern that is highly complicated, resulting in a strong and radiant finished look after formation. The main feature of the jacquard fabric is that it is textured with complex patterns and hence very minimal labor is required for its production as most of the work is done using the jacquard loom.

One main characteristic of this kind of fabric is that it is neither dyed nor embroidered, rather it's woven using complex patterns.

However, in ancient times, when a jacquard loom wasn’t invented, people used to design these complex patterns themselves which was a time-consuming process.

After its production, you will see a fabric that looks radiant, classy, and hence completely mesmerized. This fabric is not too expensive nor too affordable. Its price is set minimally.


white and multicolor floral design polyester jacquard fabric

What’s the use of a jacquard fabric?

Well, an interior if draped using a jacquard fabric looks stunning as its classy pattern makes it look good. Along with that, the jacquard fabric can also be used for clothing, bedspreads, pillow covers among others. Its innovative and impressive design makes this fabric, the most trending fabric in the current phase.

How relevant is the jacquard fabric in the current phase?

Well, with growing years, everything is getting digitized then why should the handlooms be left behind? Earlier, the looms were hand-operated but now, in the current phase everything is being digitized and so are the jacquard looms. This loom is computerized and operated as per the set margins. With this, there is less or nil requirement of human input. This sets a most efficient way of working and hence accelerates the working process.

The jacquard fabric was considerably cheaper but as the loom is handed over to computerized monitoring, it became a bit expensive.


black and multicolour jacquard fabric

Entire working and processing of jacquard fabric explained!

The working process of jacquard fabric is quite simple and interesting. Let's learn about it here from the below-given steps:

1. Acquire the textile material

To extract a fabric, there is a need of acquiring the textile material, at first. These textile materials when acquired get processed before turning into a fine fabric. For instance, wool is derived from sheep or other wool-bearing animals after which it goes on from the other processes of fabric production.
Synthetic fibers, on the other hand, get manufactured by getting exposed to petroleum, cellulose, etc.

2. Spinning into a yarn

Spinning the textile fiber into yarn is the next important step. After which it gets dyed.

3. Programming at the next step

Now that the textile material is acquired and processed into spinning yarn, the next step is to computerize the jacquard looms. This step requires choosing relevant computer programming so that the jacquard loom produces the pattern which is required and hence which is completely different and interesting to see.

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