Indian Textile Industry is enriched with a wide array of fabrics. Commonly, two categories are there- natural fabric and synthetic fabric. Also, a few fabrics are there which fall under both of the categories and rayon is one of the most popularly used semi-synthetic fabrics. Rayon was first developed in 1884 in France as an affordable alternative to Silk. Rayon comes by processing cellulose from wood pulp or other plant substances. Its natural origin makes it similar to cotton and linen which is one of the reasons of popularity. Let’s know more about the characteristics feature of Rayon that makes the fashion experts use it to design trendy apparel.

Multicolor Floral Print Rayon Fabric

What makes Rayon different from other fabrics?    

Rayon fabric is soft, comfortable, and smooth textured fabric. Luxurious in appearance, Rayon is the ultimate solution when you look for comfort yet a bright and elegant look. Since Rayon feels smooth like cotton, it is widely used during the summer months. It not only absorbs water and moisture but also remains wrinkle-free even after long use. In fact, it retains proper shape and colour after washing.

Due to the extreme absorbing quality, and flowing nature of Rayon, it is used in making dresses, kurtas, shirts, lingerie, skirts, bed sheets, curtains, and other home décor accessories. Also, Rayon is used to make tunics, children’s attire, and often it is used as a lining material. In addition to all these characteristic features, Rayon is absolutely perfect for printing. Therefore, nowadays, Rayon is being used widely and those dresses are highly demandable as well.
As Rayon is a breathable fabric, it’s a popular choice for making athleticwear, and sportswear. During exercise also, one can wear an outfit made of Rayon to feel maximum comfort.

Explore different types of Rayon

Viscose Rayon : It’s the most popular variant of Rayon that is made of wood pulp. Used as an alternative to silk, Viscose is semi-synthetic by nature. it comes with smooth touch, a luxurious look, and a similar drape like silk. As Viscose is a versatile fabric, it offers a wide variety of use from making a dress to a cord.

Lyocell : Lyocell is made with beech trees which are highly absorbent in nature. It absorbs moisture even from the skin but feels dry and cool.

Modal : Made from the pulp of beech tree, Modal is a semi-synthetic dress material. Commonly used for clothing, modal is used for crafting underwear, bed sheets, towels, and various household items. It is often combined with natural fibers like cotton. For the luxurious look and soft feel texture, modal is considered to be more premium than viscose. However, while making garments, you need to buy the finest quality Rayon to experience the true characteristics feature of this fabric.

Multicolor Abstract Design Rayon Fabric
Key takeaway

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