Chiffon is a light and semi-transparent fabric with a smooth texture and simple weave. Chiffon is a French word that means rag or cloth but gradually it has become a synonym for a sheer, lustrous, exclusive, and expensive fabric woven in a distinct style. Chiffon fabric is made of silk, cotton, and other synthetic fabrics also but this luxurious fabric is difficult for sewing. Especially for inexperienced seamstresses, it might be troublesome. However, no need to get worried! Here, we’re sharing sewing tips to work with chiffon.

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Tips 1 : Start with pinning

As chiffon is a slippery fabric, it can make you face difficulty while sewing. When pinning chiffon, you must be careful as it is soft and transparent. You need to use fine-tip pins and restrict them only to specific seam allowance areas.

Tips 2 : Tissue paper can help for cutting

Cutting chiffon fabric is a challenging job as chiffon is slippery in texture. In this regard, place the tissue paper on the sewing table and top the tissue with chiffon fabric. Then, it’s easy to arrange pattern pieces on the upper layer of the fabric. Now, cut it through without hassle. This simple trick will help you keep the chiffon fabric in place and you can cut properly according to your requirement.

Tips 3 : Sewing trick

Chiffon is a distinct type of fabric that requires a shorter stitch length ( 12-20 stitches per inch). Fast sewing can cause the fabric to bunch up which would be a daunting task for you to deal with. You can use a straight stitch needle plate as it helps to sew the fabric properly without making it gather in one place.

Tips 4 : Do some trial

No one wants to damage an expensive chiffon fabric. Therefore, you can buy some cheap scraps at first for practicing. Practice helps you to be perfect so that there will be fewer chances to make an unexpected error. After buying the cheap scraps, follow all tricks such as cutting, ironing, stitching tips, and of course pinning. So, won’t it be a good option instead of wasting your time, money, and effort? Think about it once and do accordingly.

Tips  5 : Apply tailor’s tacks for marking chiffon

Tailor tacks help you mark important positions such as notches, buttonhole endings, closures, darts, etc. As chiffon is a very delicate fabric, this trick will make you sew chiffon successfully. Apart from that, use a double-length cotton basting thread for sewing.

Tips 6 : Say ‘no’ to back tacking

When sewing delicate, soft, and finest chiffon fabric, you must avoid back tacking. You must not do both back and forth tacking at the starting point and ending part of seams. Instead of this, always make sure that you are leaving enough thread at both beginning and ending to make the hard knots at the back.

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