Cotton is a versatile fabric. You can design anything using this fabric. Be it- clothes, curtains, or bedsheets. Cotton is multi-purpose! There are several advantages of using cotton for your home. If you want to design rugs, clothes, carpets, cushion covers, or towels, cotton is the best fabric to go for.

So, what makes cotton the best? Let’s look into it.


Cotton fabric is extremely durable. So, don’t worry about wear and tear. Did you know that denim is actually cotton thread woven tightly? And it is one of the toughest fabrics. The tensile strength of the cotton fabric is much higher than any other kind of fabric. Hence, it is a top choice for most designers.

Pink and Blue Abstract Denim Print Cotton Chambray Fabric

Pink and Blue Abstract Denim Print Cotton Chambray Fabric

If you want to invest in good quality fabric, Egyptian cotton is by far the best you can find out there. It is made from long cotton fibers and woven. It is extremely soft and more durable than any standard cotton fabric.

Easy to Wash:

If you are using cotton to make things for your home, it will need a wash after a few months or so. Silk and linen fabrics should be washed very carefully. But, cotton? Gentle washing would do just the work.

The cotton fabric absorbs water easily and gets crumpled. Make sure you follow the instructions if it is available. Usually, cotton fabrics are washed with cold water. Do not wash light and dark colored fabrics together as there is a possibility of dye transfer.

Soft and Breathable:

Cotton fibers are usually spun in yarn. That makes it so soft and breathable. The softness of the fabric depends on the thread count. The higher is the thread count, the softer is the fabric.

Industrial manufacturing processes are often designed in such a way that the fabric becomes softer. But, cotton is naturally soft. Chemicals are often added to the production procedure to make cotton softer.

High-quality cotton fabrics undergo a process called combing. In this process, the shorter fibers are eliminated. Then the longer fibers are spun in yarn to make a softer fabric. Cotton fibers are hollow. Meaning, it allows air to pass through it. Hence, cotton fabrics are the ideal choice for designing summer clothes.


Cotton fabrics are relatively cheaper than silk. Hence, it is an ideal choice for designers and tailors. They can easily buy it in bulk. The price varies on the manufacturing process and the sourcing of fibers. Egyptian cotton is much more pricey than regular cotton that you can find in markets.

White and Multicolor Floral Design 3 Polyester Crepe Fabric

White and Multicolor Floral Design 3 Polyester Crepe Fabric

Besides, most fabrics, these days, have a mixture of polyester. This mixed variety is relatively cheaper and is widely used for making clothes and curtains. The ratio of cotton and polyester varies in different cases. Organic cotton, on the other hand, is a bit more costly. However, it is the best one in the whole lot.


Cotton can be used for a lot of different things. It is extremely comfortable and most importantly, sustainable. Hence, it is the best choice for your home.