Do you have a penchant for dangling art from your earlobes? Oh Yes! We are talking about earrings. Such a timeless piece of jewelry, isn’t it? Earrings go with every kind of outfit- whether it's a date night, an office conference, or your best friend's wedding. They can speak boldly along with your designer outfit.

You want to wear something that matches the ' fashion trend.' So, let's take a look at the popular earring trends for 2021.

Hoop Earrings:

Bottle Green A`la Mode Hoops/Balis for Women

Bottle Green A`la Mode Hoops/Balis for Women

Hoop earrings are timeless classics. People have been wearing it for ages. The 80s and 90s saw the massive popularity of hoop earrings.

Did you know they are the oldest pieces of jewelry? Ancient Romans, Greeks, Asians wore these hoop earrings. The origin dates back to the Bronze age. In that era, earrings were forged with Gold, Silver, and Bronze. It originally symbolized power within a society or a clan. Even today, hoop earrings are still trending.

Styling hoops with a basic white tee and denim pants is an all-time chic look. You can experiment a lot with them.

  1. Oversized Hoops:
  2. Oh! We all adored Selena Gomez's look with these earrings. These earrings create a bold statement. Get a pair today and rock them with your stylish outfits.

  1. Sculptured Hoops:
  2. This is an updated version of the classic round hoops. You can pair these with your everyday outfits. These earrings can be in gold, silver or, it can also have small rhinestones that add some glitz and bling.

Tassel Earrings:

German Silver Tassel Mirror Earring Multicolor

German Silver Tassel Mirror Earring Multicolor

The tassel trend is becoming increasingly popular over the years. We have seen tassels in clothing items or decorations. But earrings? Trust us, it looks glamorous.

Tassels are crafted using threads or beads. Tassels were used since the Ancient Biblical age. In the current era, Jews still wear tassels in their clothes. Tassels have been a part of the world's 'textile' history.

Tassel earrings are versatile. You can pair them with almost everything but do not go very overboard with your look. Choose your tassels following the color palette of your dress, and you will be good to go!

Mismatched Earrings:

Fashion Star Earring For Girls Multi

Fashion Star Earring For Girls Multi

Let's get out of our comfort zone, shall we? Mismatched earrings are non-traditional. Who is making the rules? You can go gaga with how you style yourself. You can wear just one hoop- it is a mismatched look too!

Bend the rules in 2021! Unleash your funky side and explore the world of mismatch. You can experiment with the lengths. You can have fun with contrasting colors, wear funky shapes, and many more. We recommend you to go wild.


2020 has been a long year. Everyone stayed indoors. But hey! It's a new year. Step up your fashion game and look outside your comfort zone. There are hundreds of trendy looks to try. Channel your inner fashionista this year. Spring is almost here! Let's forget playing safe and finally jazz up your fashion. Follow the mentioned trends and style an Instagram-ready look today!