Back in the school days, life wasn’t just about textbooks and had more to do with fun-filled art and craft activities. These days, DIY projects give us almost the same level of giddy happiness. In fact, we all have a hidden designer in ourselves, but we are just too caught up in our busy schedules to realize it. And when we finally make up our mind about doing something creative, we end up dropping the idea because of the hassle. But what if you had a meter of cotton fabric without a solid plan in mind? Wouldn’t you want to work on something new – a new DIY project perhaps?

Things you can do with a meter of cotton fabric

Here are a few things that you can conjure up with a meter of fabric and a few hours to spare.

  • Blouses: What about those pair of saris that you never wear? What if I told you that you could do something amazing with them? Go through your forgotten sari chest. A little mix-match should be enough to design a blouse, giving those saris a breath of fresh air.
  • Scarves: Just as the icing on cupcakes makes it more appealing and sumptuous, scarves too work the same way and can be worn with almost any kind of basic apparel. Get your hands on a meter-long colourful fabric and drape it the way you want.
  • Crop Tops: From polka dots to Aztec prints and floral designs, crop tops have always been the talk of the town. Making these is fairly easy and you’d find tons of tutorials online to get you going in no time. How about taking it a notch higher by coming up with a Kalamkari or Kashish make?
  • Bracelets: Not everyone likes to wear bracelets, but if you like the dazzle around your wrist, crafting one on your own would sure be fun. Mix and match small, colourful fabric pieces, twist them and tie them, and finally hook them up. That’s it!
  • Neckpieces: Whether you prefer wearing a dress or a top, try pairing your classic solids with a self-made neckpiece. Cut a piece of colourful cotton fabric into small pieces, and embellish it with sequins, chains, beads, or whatever similar you come across.
  • Bows and ties: If you have a meter-worth cotton fabric at your disposal, you may well come up with bows and ties. Colourful or eye-candy fabrics would be particularly suited for such design innovations. Such cute add-ons not only look appealing but also add an extra flair to your look.

Finding the right kind of cotton fabric for DIY projects

Sometimes, the simplest of fabrics are the most inspiring. An old t-shirt or sari, a blank pillowcase, or even some extra fabric lying around are perfect DIY staples. However, if you don’t have the requisites to start reinventing, hacking, and personalizing, we’d urge you to check out Kart Forest. If you are not afraid of trying your hands at developing quirky craft designs, you’d sure love the platform. It has different types of fabrics and hues for all kinds of magical creations.